Livestock and Feed

In season, we sell chicks, ducklings, goslings, rabbits, and other small farm animals. We carry a complete range of feeds and supplies from name-brand manufacturers. for poultry, hogs, cattle, and other domestic animals. We also stock necessary equipment, such as feeders, waters, and incubators. Below is a partial list.

Poultry Feeds
Item Size
Poultry Chick Starter 50#
Layer 16 Crumbles 50#
Layer 16 Pellets 50#
Layer 20 Pellets 50#
Meatbird 50#
Pigeon 50#
Pigeon Pellets 50#
Turkey/Game Bird Gr 50#
Turkey/Game Bird St 50#
Scratch 50#

Feed, and Products

Nutrena Feed - Purina Feed
Evans Feed - Live N Good
Honor Show Chow
Antler Max Deer Feed
Record Rack Deer Feed
Wildlife Feed
Deer Corn
River Run Dog Food
Red Flannel Cat Food
Mazuri Exotic Feed
Wildbird Seed - Ferret Food
Garden Seed - Animal Traps
Flea Products -
Grooming Supplies Show Products- Hay
Alfalfa - Antibotics
Dog & Cat Shots
Wormers - Farm Animals
Organic Products
Animal Housing Available
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