We Promote The Hand Shake Deal

We at Knox Farm promote the “handshake deals” that our parents used to make and respect the opportunity to develop personal relationships with our customers. There are some instances we need contracts and binding agreements, but we try not to have those agreements with our tried and true customers.

Circumstances change daily and we understand that with those changes we must change accordingly. We usually start out with an agreement and as time passes we eliminate them for the relationships we formed.

On both parts of an agreement there needs to be communication. We try our best to first be understanding and second, due to circumstances, change perspectives and the way a “deal” was originated. Try us and you will not only find us friendly but FAIR as well.

Knox Farm has an 8 stall barn set up for 4-H and FFA projects. We charge $45.00 per month to house your animals here. Water, electricity and a wash pen is included. We have 5 of the 8 stalls set up for pigs using water nipples or all pens can be used for sheep or goats.